Lunas Dance Project is a contemporary dance company created to explore sensations, experiences and situations through high technical connected and flexible movements. Strong defined fluid lines and a fragile periphery. With an eye catching energy and dynamic, Lunas aims to enrich the community and make those curious about art and dance more knowledgable about the world of contemporary art. Our repertoire is pretty wide, ranging from fun to emotionally charged pieces. Lunas is a company you can connect with. Lunas is pure dance.

Our goal is to inspire and make movement contagious, promoting the individual, their personal expressions and the most eloquent of all instruments, the human body. Dance can be used to do a lot of good and bring people, a community, together. Engaging youngsters and adults alike to work towards a goal. Perfection in the arts, like in life, is never achieved. It is the journey, the process, that makes it beautifully unique.

The idea is to make dancing accesible to those who are willing to work hard and work towards a goal. Working as a team is key. For this reason the project needs dancers who have their own personality and have a deep respect towards others and art . Creating a respectful and loving atmosphere where different personalities want to discover and explore more within themselves.

Experiences - Sensations - Pure dance

 "The lines, commitment and energy were absolutely gorgeous to watch. I urge anyone and everyone at the Edinburgh Fringe to come and watch this beautiful dance piece at Greenside Infirmary Street, 18:30, here until the 27th!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"  ThomasPage dances 

'Suspended pulse' Extracts

Ellie Aldegheri's interview 


There are no such words 2017

In the early stages of development and some work-in-progress showings, this is a dance performance work, based on motherhood and all that comes with it; it’s traditions, expectations, family relationships and more specifically the complex and rocky relationship and changing nature between mother and daughter. It will aim to ask questions about how these roles evolve throughout our lives, and how they play out in the wider family dynamic. The piece will be directed by choreographer Eleonora Aldegheri, and will involve collaborating with mothers, the public and researchers linking pregnancy/motherhood and music/dance/performance.


Of Myths, Perspectives & Transformations 2015-2016

 Of Myths, Perspectives and Transformations is a project which explores the transformative effects of emotional change; desire and resistance, and all the difficulties a new path brings. Inspired by Franz Kakfa’s The Metamorphosis and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World, EIlie Aldegheri revisits choices that led to personal transformations. This project is about perspectives and changes. Changes we bring to ourselves, changes that just happen and we need to deal with. Because of the nature of this project I wanted to show it in different settings and by doing this something has to change and also its perspective, making the showing of the piece part of the project itself.


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